Saturday, August 19, 2006

GOP Protection Racket

o The GOP Protection Racket

Republicans are not the party of security. They are the party of fear. From their colorized terrorism alerts to their exaggerated threats of Iraqi WMDs, the Republican party wants us to feel afraid. Their policies are designed to sound tough and transfer funds among friends—not necessarily to keep us safe. If they don’t keep us safe, it’s even better. People will be more scared, pay more money, and vote even redder in the next election. It’s a protection racket.

conservatives tell us nothing works. They want us to feel helplessly dependent on them for protection, and to open our wallets for safety. Law enforcement has been the fastest rising expenditure in most state budgets over the past 20 years, and the spending follows political tracks. The private prison giant Corrections Corporation of America gives 87 percent of its political contributions to Republicans. In California, the prison guards union is the single largest political donor. Woe to any politician who dares suggest cutting back on prisons, let alone diverting money towards drug treatment or after-school programs for wayward teens. They’ll be called soft and pummeled by well-funded victim advocates until they, too, vote for more guards and stronger locks.

While criminals run congress and occupy the White House...

The party that brought us the War on Drugs and the War on Crime had now adapted the tune for the War on Terror. Cowboy-booted conservatives constantly tell us how much danger we’re in and how much we need them to keep us safe. Meanwhile, they ignore real risks, distort facts, alienate our friends and stir up hornets nests all over the world.

While the REAL terror is busy criminalizing what is left of the justice system in the USA.

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