Sunday, July 16, 2006

PNAC Fascism Pushs Into Lebanon

As the PNAC plan for world domination by Israel and the USA plays itself out in the Middle East, I thought I would share some gems

Source: World Net Daily

Submitted: 07/12/2006

"-the Council on Foreign Relations – which some call America's "shadow government" – has laid out a comprehensive plan to essentially merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada into one entity with an outer security perimeter. Following are selected excerpts of the 59-page document, titled "Building a North American Community." Read full article »

WASHINGTON – Are secret meetings being held between the corporate and political elites of the U.S., Mexico and Canada to push North America into a European Union-style merger?

Is President Bush's reluctance to control the border and enforce laws requiring deportation of foreigners who enter the country illegally part of a master plan to all but eliminate borders between the U.S., Canada and Mexico?

Does the agenda of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America include a common currency that would scrap the dollar in favor of what some are calling the "amero"?

It may be the biggest story of the 21st century, but few press outlets are telling it. In fact, until very recently, few in the U.S. were aware of the plans and even fewer denouncing what appears to be the implementation of an effort some have characterized as "NAFTA on steroids." -But opposition is mounting. Read full article »
As the neocons look backwards fondly at Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler, they see the "solution" to the problem of an indifferent or hostile population at home in the tried and true methods of their intellectual ancestors.

First, break the middle-class.

Second, imprison and murder the ideological trouble-makers.

Third, militarize the rest.The Federal Reserve has done a fine job of beginning step one. The expansion of concentration camps is under construction for step two. And the legislation to draft every male and female between 18 and 42 is in committee to complete step three. Nice idea for, say, Russia in 1920, Germany in 1936, or China in 1955, but it won't work in America in 2006 or beyond.

China's reaction when Bush tells him the USA is a democracy.

Unelected ..involved in every war.

California Republican congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham traded military contracts for $2.4 million in antiques, cash, and other booty. He is now in jail, but his case exposed a world of bribery, booze, and broads that reaches into the Pentagon, the C.I.A., and Congress. Washington is wondering: Who's next? Read full article »

21 BILLION dollars went missing near the start of the Iraq war. In other words, twenty billion, nine hundred ninety seven million, six hundred thousand MORE than Cunninghams $2.4 million kickback. -if you're curious what that much money looks like: $20,997,600,000.00

Ah and the narcissistic psychopathic president who even insists whomever is appearing with him on camera wear the same damn suit (and in this case ...tie).

Why do all these guys look like reptiles in
human skin.

A newly published paper by a researcher for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis warns that a ballooning budget deficit and pension and welfare timebomb is growing into a $65.9 trillion fiscal gap that will force the United States into bankruptcy. In the view of Prof. Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University, the U.S. is already bankrupt - at least the government is."-There are 77 million baby boomers now ranging from age 41 to age 59," Kotlikoff writes. "All are hoping to collect tens of thousands of dollars in pension and healthcare benefits from the next generation. These claimants aren't going away. In three years, the oldest boomers will be eligible for early Social Security benefits. In six years, the boomer vanguard will start collecting Medicare. Our nation has done nothing to prepare for this onslaught of obligation..." Read full article »

An Israeli missile incinerated a van in southern Lebanon, killing 20 people, among them 15 children, in the deadliest single attack of the campaign launched by Israel after Hizbollah captured two of its soldiers and killed eight on Wednesday.Police said the van was carrying two families fleeing the village of Marwaheen after Israeli loudspeaker warnings to leave their homes. Many of the bodies were charred and broken. Other raids on north, east and south Lebanon killed 14 people and wounded 37, security sources said.At least 103 people, all but four of them civilians, have been killed in Israel's four-day-old assault, which has choked Lebanon's economy and prompted tourists and foreigners to flee. Read full article »

"Targeting of non-combatants - It is commonly held the distinctive nature of terrorism lies in its deliberate selection of civilians as targets; not because they are threats, but because their suffering (it is believed) will help the terrorists achieve their political goals." -Sounds like a good definition to me


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