Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Time To Come to Jesus, mr. Bush

What would the world be like if we could have done this about sixty years ago?

Can you imagine Bush allowing any kind of fair election, after achieving office on TWO suspect elections and illegally acquiring the powers of a dictator?

Does anyone really think he will
turn unlimited power over to anyone else other than a Bush puppet?

How many Americans know American industry sponsored Hitler in WWII (Especially the Bush family)?

How many ex Enron lobbyists comprise the RNC? The DNC?

Why isn't the law enforced by
arresting the corporations who hire illegal immigrants, and FINING THEM for the medical expenses, and cost to the taxpayer?

Again, having acquired war powers based on an illegal, immoral war, the investigation of cause blocked at every turn, this week these criminals have the audacity to bleat "treason" at the New York Times for reporting yet another law breaking move by the Bush Administration.

How utterly predictable. They are called to account for their treason and they accuse someone else immediately. Nice try, this time it is not working. The people are waking from a long winter's nap and they are hungry for truth, and mad as hell about the way they have been lied to - time to come to Jesus mr. bush...time to be held to account.


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