Monday, June 05, 2006

Christian Terrorists - Bully Bush - Hatred Inc.

The Tower card in the Tarot Deck indicates a sudden awakening, the ability to see that which one could not see before.

Hate groups operating in the United States

Is it getting better, do you feel the same?
Will it make it easier on you now, you've got someone to blame
? - U 2

Many individuals, groups, organizations, institutes, and foundations are currently active in the United States which exist for the sole purpose of destroying the Constitutional laws and rights upon which honest Americans abide. Their motivations are many, consisting of a broad spectrum of destructive and tyrannical religious ideologies. There are no known secular hate groups in operation in the United States. (If you know of any, please let me know so that I can investigate the organizations and report on them.)

Of course we have all seen the media coverage of these hate groups:

The better-educated among us watched in horror as David Duke, the one-time head of the Christian organization called The Ku Klux Klan, nearly acquired the governor-ship of Louisiana. Imagine what the results of a successful election for David Duke would have been to every Jew, black, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Mexican, and atheist in the State.
We continue to observe hatred and bigotry spouted from every fundamentalist Christian pulpit across the country. Bigotry against blacks, women, homosexuals, Mexicans, atheists, and even other brand names of Christianity are all favorite targets for these purveyors of hatred. Using the rhetoric of "Hate the sin, not the sinner," these people manage to convince themselves they can hate with justification. Using the rhetoric of," Jews were created out of mud" and "blacks are the result of Eve copulating with animals," these purveyors of hatred manage to convince themselves they can hate with justification -- all of it fully sanction by gods and the Christian mythologies, of course.

Every week brings news of domestic Christian terrorists murdering abortion providers, blowing up business, or assaulting women. One Christian terrorist organization last month even went so far as to plant two bombs timed apart for the specific purpose of killing rescue workers working to aid the victims of the first. (Review the so-called "Army of God" Christian organization.)

Every month brings news of a self-proclaimed "militia" taking "responsibility" for a terrorist act against what they pretend is "the enemy." Every one of the self-proclaimed "militias" are Christian terrorist organizations with a membership largely consisting of Pentecostal or Christian Identity believers. They believe that Jews are taking over the world with a so-called New World Order and that they have the right to murder children because "what about all those unborn babies murdered in abortion clinics?" They believe that the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States grants them the right to form "militias" of their own. (They do so by selectively reading what they wish and ignoring the rest of the Constitution.) Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, is a Christian Identity follower who was trained by one of these self-proclaimed "militias," led by a Baptist minister. ...

The eye of Providence on the back of the American dollar bill, evolved from the eye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol of protection and power of the all seeing eye of God.

Instead of acknowledging the EYE, Bush operates in the "I" the place of narcissism - like most American presidents he instructs God "to bless America." Devoid of humility he thinks he is the eye, rather than the "I" from which he operates. Even his compulsive spying on the American people takes the all seeing eye to a totalitarian level of control. He has no faith - he has to control everything.

The Bill of Rights has been destroyed under Bush. After standing down for 9/11, and the notification of an attack by Bin Laden, Bush gutted the Bill of Rights, as if punitive measures against the American people would help his treason.

Most psychologists I know point to this man as a classic psychopath - devoid of empathy, lies constantly, and will kill at will. Why not - he has gotten away with it for over thirty years.

The growing anti-women sentiment culminating in the creation of the Promise Keepers -- the so-called "Men's Christian Organization" which advocates the violent "taking back" of men's authority over their wives -- all for the little women's good, of course. During and immediately after this group's Klan rallies, many women have reported being accosted by these hate-mongering anti-woman bigots.
The instigation of unconstitutional laws around the country, each of which seek to feed upon the fears and hatred of the ignorant among the populace. From the "Communications Decency Act" to the infamous Proposition 2 in Colorado, fundamentalist purveyors of hatred and bigotry are actively seeking to enact unconstitutional laws.

When humanists and secularists ask for honest Christians to take care of their religion's garbage and try to police their members, the ages-old cop-out is nearly always employed: "Oh but they're not TRUE Christians!" Thus the problem is relegated to "It's not our fault because it's not our problem."

The problem is that Christianity is fractured into thousands of brands, each of them ranging from the positive side of the spectrum to the most evil side of the spectrum. Every fraction pretends every other fraction aren't "TRUE Christians." Thus honest Christians honestly don't see the need to police groups they can't acknowledge are their responsibility.
The fact is that hatred and bigotry is everybody's business. Sadly the clean-up of religious bigots have been left to the secular community simply because the religious refuse to admit they have a problem and will rarely even acknowledge they exists.

We all know the major players. Here is a list which will grow over the years. The list contains some of the major players as well as many of the hate groups which finance hatred and bigotry in the United States. As detailed information comes in concerning each, that information will be provided.
If you know of other like-minded organizations, please let me know so that I can check into them and include them in the list. (list and article


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