Friday, December 16, 2005

Enron - Axis of Evil

Where narcissism and corruption starts at home.

i.e. Poppy had Arnie plugged into Enron back in 2001, along with Cheney.

Oh you boys are soooo funny. What jokes did you have around Haiti, the Phillipines and Chile while you licked the blood off your corporate criminal fingers...hmmmm?

Not a flicker of human conscience in either one.

ANYTHING for big oil.....ANYTHING a list of the Bush "watch" is published here.

Karl Rove, the image millions around the world are holding the intention for, the arrest of Karl Rove for treason, abuse of power,
racketeering,( and investigate his $250,000 holdings in ENRON as a former ENRON employee, while you are at it)

GLAAD should sue him for defamation of character he has slimed our community at every opportunity to distract from their criminal corporate administration.

Another reptilian brain who discusses human beings as if they were work units (or a "problem")

All these ENRON boys have OIL in their veins and pumps for hearts...not a human amongst the lot.

Oil, money and greed and here is their GOD.

Let's investigate ENRON and get to the heart of the money trail to treason.

The Greg Palast link shows the Arnie connection to Enron as early as 2001 and the money trail from the Bush Admin to ENRON is well documented at Palast's site as well. As a BBC reporter Palast gained worldwide acclaim for his well researched expose` of the Bush crime family.


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