Saturday, October 29, 2005

When They Change the Name of the USA

Ya know, I knew America was done when I watched what happened to the baseball stadiums, while a fan base sat mute.

Wonderful old stadiums with their past, present and future champions etched into the landscape of one's mind, and in the dreams of most American, and even some Canadian and Mexican kids. Marvelous old buildings that oozed a life of their own, a love of the game, a passion for the living of life, the moment - the integrity, quality and purity of the moment.

Today we are left with a cold, very large building in its stead. The new, improved version that represents the usual American history - any good mentioned extensively, any bad - erased as much as possible. A revered psychopathic narcissism where everything must reflect the corporate center and the sole drive is profit, without conscience.

But heck...everything else has gone why not the entire country. The corporate coup orchestrated by the Bush oligarchy with Scalia and Rehnquist (Supreme Court), is well in place so why not just change the name of the country. Folks would stop hanging on to that needless rhetoric about democracy and you could just tell them the truth. Who has been running the country all along - and for some time.

So here is the Bush Evil Empire Logo to replace the name U.S.A.


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