Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did You Know?

Did you know?

The American military is capable of manufacturing weather ?

Humankind Must Not Play This HAARP
by Paul Psutka

HAARP is an acronym for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program presently being developed by the U.S. military in cooperation with the Soviets and Norway (among others). It is commonly referred to as “Star Wars Technology”.
We've all heard about the prospects of defending North America from nuclear attack by using satellites to beam “death rays” at incoming warheads. This was the much touted defense system of the Reagan-Bush years. As an orbit-oriented defense system it proved far too expensive and cumbersome “to get off the ground”, so to speak. So the military has been researching and actively developing a working model of a ground-based system that is now fully capable of melting down aircraft circuitry, X-raying the earth, knocking out communications, and indeed causing one to lose bladder control.
In fact, a more complete list of the capabilities of HAARP contains the following:

(HAARP location in Alaska)

over-the-horizon radar capability
interference and melting of on-board electronic circuitry
remote refueling of in-flight aircraft or ground-based equipment
the ability to alter weather patterns and various portions of the atmosphere at will
the ability to knock out communications anywhere in the world while, at the same time, providing for a piggy-back of a desired communications system
geographic tomography (X-rays of the earth) – with earthquakes as a potential side-effect
enhanced submarine communications capability
the ability to distort the ionosphere (the protective charged particle layer that surrounds the earth like a bubble)
the ability to punch holes into the ionosphere to allow deadly levels of UV radiation to reach the earth
interruption of migratory patterns in fish and mammals
physiological damage in humans, animals and insects; thought disruption

Interesting how manufacturing disaster has boomed over the past 5-6 years, and Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater and all the folks were all geared up for it. Just had to bring in the illegal workforce to do the work.

Blackwater needs an HQ near San Diego and protestors are set to launch a major blowback, when the California fires take off. Who of all in the area had the motive?

Hey people guilty of terrorizing the USA are not subject to the American judiciary are they?
So is this group going straight to GITMO?

Now I stumbled on this gem about the Pope wanting
Pinochet back in Chile just in time for the Bush inauguration in 2000. (Pinochet was a brutal dictator placed under Bush I and Reagan by the CIA after they had arranged for Allende's assassination through local black ops) Pinochet did the bidding of American corporations for thirty years, raping Chile of every natural resource while brutalizing her people. Little Chile had 92% of the population vote against the war in Iraq, and they voted against it at the UN in spite of an enslaught of bullying from the USA.

Pope Pimps for Pinochet's Return to Chile
February 24

In a decision that has confused and angered people across several continents, the folks at the Vatican confirmed that they wrote a letter to the British government requesting that General Augusto Pinochet be returned to Chile, reports THE BOSTON GLOBE. Pinochet ousted democratically-elected President Allende and presided over a 17-year dictatorship during which thousands of people were killed or "disappeared." He was arrested in London in October on a Spanish warrant alleging grave human rights violations. Apparently the request did not come from the Pope himself, but rather from a "senior level" at the Vatican.
Few seemed thrilled that the Vatican, bastion of morality, was calling for the release of a dictator. The Independent, a London-based paper, wondered if recent events meant "that the Pope, who paid a cordial visit to Chile while General Pinochet was in power, does not want his old pal to face the indignity of standing trial." The Times, also of London, claimed that the decision split "the Roman Catholic Church put[ting] the Pope at odds with Cardinal Basil Hume".
Plenty of U.S. papers have reported the Vatican's letter, but most have left out the United States' own shameful role in Pinochet's rise to power.

Did you know that the United States under George W. Bush sent the largest contingent in the history of the United States to the Pope's funeral?

Did you know that Blackwater, the mercenary, above-the-law gang, that protects president Bush and placed "elite", report
to Malta an independent state that is part of the Vatican.
The Blackwater group are not under American law, International Law or the Geneva convention. They are considered the crusaders of the church and the militia of the Pope. It is quite astounding...but please run your own search. Try "CIA, Blackwater, the Vatican, Knights of Malta."

When I look at the U. S. National Archives, the Library of Congress and past news reports buried by the mountain of propaganda laid on us is quite clear that we may have never won WWII. High level Nazis were smuggled out of Europe via the Vatican Rat lines and they came to the USA to join William Casey and the newly formed CIA.

Indeed many of these Nazis went on to form the backbone of NATO and US INTEL.
All the while supported, funded and encouraged by various sectors of American industry,
the Bush family, Thyssen, Ford, and many others.

It is clear that we lost that war because the people behind it - the people who funded it - and indeed profited by selling to both sides - they are still here today and still funding both sides we lost BIGTIME. While corporate America is already about buying off both sides of the electoral process so we wind up with another corporate robot attempting to run the gauntlet of treason called big business.

I just hope that somewhere along the line these cretins remember what happened to Marie Antoinette when she was informed "the people had no bread"...and she responded

"then let them eat cake"
What we need to know is that Americans are standing, they are sick and tired of the bullshit, sick and tired of the lies. They are coming together in the areas that are important as human beings, honesty, integrity, kindness, peace, and love. I would not imagine bush or cheney having honesty, integrity, kindness, peace or love, let alone leading in any of those areas.

You say politician - I say psychopath.


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