Thursday, November 22, 2007

Discarded Advice - American Foreign Policy - a Legacy of Deceit and Murder

A US Department of Transportation report found that sport utility vehicles, minivans, and pickup trucks now account for 51 percent of new vehicle sales.
The report also found that those vehicles, classified as light-duty trucks, now account for more miles driven on American roads than passenger cars.
The effects of these gas guzzlers are becoming as choking as a sheet of smog.
Preliminary federal figures released recently found that in the last three years, carbon dixoide emissions from transportation have for the first time surpassed the CO2 emissions from industrial sources. Carbon dioxide emissions are a leading contributor to global warming.
In greater Washington, D.C., the percentage of SUVs has grown from 15 percent of personal vehicles to 25 percent in the last five years.
The spewing of emissions from these cars that get less than 20 miles a gallon will likely force the region over its acceptable limits for air pollution. If the region goes over the limit, it cannot initiate new road and bridge projects.
Just as the size of the American house has grown even as the size of the American family has shrunk, the size of our cars has mushroomed without an excusable rationale.
American men are going to grow fatter and women even more tiny as our cars grow from tanks into aircraft carriers.
We seem incapable of looking in the mirror and declaring how ugly we are.

Here we have Little Lord Fauntleroy, above the law and beneath contempt, exerting the boundless Bush creed of greed, his only gift to this generation the complete and clumsy exposure of the entire criminal family, CIA and Nazi shadow government.

The book's title is deliberately ironic. The "ugly American" is Homer Atkins, a smart, hard-working engineer with no patience for diplomats and other fools. "His hands were laced with prominent veins and spotted with big, liverish freckles. His fingernails were black with grease. His fingers bore nicks and tiny scars of a lifetime of engineering. The palms of his hands were calloused. Homer Atkins was worth three million dollars, every dime of which he had earned by his own efforts..." But who is really ugly here? Atkins is one of the book's heroes. It isn't the engineer's skin-deep ugliness that drives this story. It's the ugliness of short-sighted, conceited, self-important fools. To this day, more than forty years after its publication, the phrase "ugly American" is invoked to embody America's incompetent, heavy-handed foreign policy.
In the introduction, the authors assert that events similar to those described in the book have happened again and again in the developing world. Indeed, most of the book seems very authentic... authentic enough that any reader concerned with how America is perceived in the rest of the world will cringe again and again.
In the book's "factual epilogue" the authors again drive home their point:

that the US was being consistently outmanuevered by communists throughout the third world. (The postscript, incidentally, notes that one of the few parts of the book which seemed implausible -- an incident in which the Soviet ambassador deceives a village into believing that rice provided by the US was donated by the Soviets -- was loosely based on an actual occurance in India: in that incident, local communists secretly painted a red hammer and sickle emblem on several tractors which had been donated by the US, leading the Indians to believe that the tractors had been a gift from the Soviet Union!)
The Ugly American received exemplary reviews. In 1963 it was made into a movie starring Marlon Brando. Its title has become part of our contemporary lexicon.
And yet America's foreign policy is still haunted by the same mistakes. The Cold War is long-finished, and communism discredited, but it hardly matters. Who needs an enemy like communism, when you are already your own worst enemy?

The most recent printing of The Ugly American is published by W.W. Norton and Company. It is available from your local old books store, or it may be purchased new online.

In administration after adminstration the same faces show up. In a country of over 300 million people where we are told anyone can grow up to be President....the same damn faces show up in every administration?

Perle said, (in PNAC doc) Prior to 9/11, "we need something on the scale of Pearl Harbor to get the public behind us."

Wolfowitz "We can control the weather (HAARP) and do practically anything. We are like Gods."

"The people of Iraq will greet us with garlands."

"The invasion will be over within a week and Iraqi oil will pay for it. "

Such a deal ...the absolute arrogance and psychopathic nature of the last statement.
IMAGINE...Calgary raised royalties on oil, and the Neo cons decide to bomb. First they drop a littlel megaton bomb off Florida that they call "shock and awe."

Then they try to hit the Premier of Alberta with a rocket and ..oops killed a few dozen people in a you believe those bunker buster bombs.

Meanwhile backhome...they've wanted that land called New Orleans for a l-ong time and HAARP can whip up a category five before we can do a high five. The funds for the levees all went to Iraq and they'll wipe out everyone high on smack (or too poor to move, afraid to lose their land). Blackwater can come in behind to cover the looters while KBR and Halliburton can clean up with illegals so no one talks about the stuff that is legal.

Then off to California where fires make the day. Blackwater needed a little land cleared for their new digs near San land reformation is the order of the day. Where does Blackwater report? Malta.

...Its all on the web, the Library of Congress, the U.S. National Archives it simply is not on your national news or taught as history in our schools.

Let us end this legacy of lies in our names. No more, not now, not ever. We are awake and taking back our land, our home, our integrity - ourselves.


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