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How Many Psychopaths Are There?

A friend of mine was doing some extensive research on Hitler and the one thing that kept standing out for her was how many people piled on to aid and abet Hitler.

The Vatican ran the Nazi rat line which brought the Nazis to the USA who founded the CIA with William Casey (of the OSS). Casey, was a Knight of Malta as is the Blackwater group who report directly to the Pope as a militia registered as a separate state in Malta.

We have covered rather extensively the funding Hitler received from American industry without which WWII would have been impossible. Germany was devastated after WWI, and owed France 40% of its GDP in reparation payments for the damage done during WWI bombing.

OK so those are the big guys, how about the thousands who were guards at camps, tortured, beat other human beings to death and made lamp shades of their skin. Do we have a psychopathic capacity that can be stimulated by a psychopathic leader?

Socialized Psychopath, George W Bush, America’s Number One Evildoer
author: Loren Franklin

As a Cherokee/Irish/French American, I watch in amazement as my country continually allows the destruction of the worlds poorest peoples and their eco systems by socialized psychopathic plutocrats. We elect them. We idolize them. We suffer at their hands. George W Bush is the worst to come along in years.

Socialized Psychopath, George W Bush, America's Number One Evildoer
By Loren Franklin (Cherokee)

It has been my observation that this country has an ongoing, self destructive, annoying habit of appointing sociopaths and socialized psychopaths to political posts. It seems that we are fascinated by these personality types. We make them out to be heroes in our movies. We admire them when they climb to the top of corporate ladders and devastate the lives of less fortunate humans in Third World sweat shops, not to mention American sweat shops. I offer you Phil Knight of Nike as a quick example. We make national heroes out of mass murders and fill our children's history books with half truths and outright lies about them. And now, here in "The Land Of The Free And The Brave," we have appointed to the presidency, via the CIA and the Supreme Court, one of the most psychopathic individuals to ever stalk the halls of the White House. Of course, even psychiatrists have a bit of a time defining exactly what constitutes a socialized psychopath. It is often difficult to tell one apart from a hard core sociopath/narcissist. But they have come up with a check list, a questionnaire, that seems to narrow it down. I have taken the liberty to copy this questionnaire from a prominent researchers web site, for the sake of shining a light on the cold black hole that is the soul of George W Bush. With your permission, I would like to put him to that test.

The questionnaire itself is based on research and experiences of socialized psychopaths. For each trait, decide if it applies to the person you suspect may be a socialized psychopath,
fully (2 points),
partially (1 point)
or not at all (0 points).
A score of 25 or above suggests strong psychopathic tendencies.

" 1. Do they have problems sustaining stable relationships, personally and in business? Apparently, George seems to have the ability to maintain relationships with heads of oil companies, energy corporations, Republican Party heads, CIA and Pentagon officials as well as the heads of drug money laundering Banks the world wide. Just to name a few of his long time friends. So on that question, we would have to give him a score of 0. Even though his longtime relationships are with the worst pack of sociopaths the nation has to offer. SCORE-0

2.Do they frequently manipulate others to achieve selfish goals, with no consideration of the effects on those manipulated? George's record in the state of Texas is one of dismal failure in delivering on his promises for child health care. He, during his Governorship of that state broke nearly every promise he made to help the poor and needy. He drove the state into the ground and lied to the entire nation about it, while he was asking America to make him president. All for the goal of obtaining power, control and material wealth. SCORE-2 3.

Are they cavalier about the truth, and capable of telling lies to your face? His lies to the nation would fill a book longer than "Gone With The Wind." His presidential campaign was one solid, ongoing lie about his accomplishments in Texas. He told those lies in high fashion, in a loud voice, in spite of a mountain of evidence that he was "pulling the collective American leg." SCORE-2

4. Do they have an air of self-importance, regardless of their true standing in society? There is no doubt, whatsoever, that he sees himself as a gift to the world. He looks down on those in need, as if they were beggars, and he treats them that way. He speaks to his peers with open contempt, as he did during the past presidential debates. As they say in Texas, "he thinks he shits rose petals and pisses perfume." SCORE-2 5.

Have they no apparent sense of remorse, shame or guilt? As governor of Texas he killed nearly one prisoner a week. Most of them African American men. At least one of them mentally retarded. He bragged about it publicly. Once when the sister of one African American man he killed went to his office and asked Bush for mercy for her brother, he refused to shake her hand upon meeting her. He treated her with contempt, and she left his office in tears because of his treatment of her. He went on to kill the young man. SCORE-2 6.

Is their charm superficial, and capable of being switched on to suit immediate ends? He is able to smile and charm an audience with promises, to get what he wants for himself. Namely power and control. Later he will break those promises for the benefit of his rich friends and hurt the individuals he made the promises to. Superficial to suit immediate needs? I guess so. SCORE-2

7.Are they easily bored and demand constant stimulation? He is known to play hand held electronic children's games at inappropriate times. He likes press conferences and takes a great deal of time off during the work week. But hey, that might not be a two. Lets just give him a score of one on that question. SCORE-1

8.Are their displays of human emotion unconvincing? It depends on who you ask. A person who desperately wants to be convinced, such as one of his republican party members, might answer that question no. As for me, I don't play political sports, I don't belong to a political team. I look at him and I see a complete phony who would carve his mothers knuckles into dice for a quick game with the boys. I have good intuition when it comes to fake emotional displays, and he is a complete phony as far as I am concerned. SCORE-2 9.

Do they enjoy taking risks, and acting on reckless impulse? He was an AWOL National Guard fighter pilot during the Viet Nam War. That's a risk taker. He still flies jets and airplanes. One of which used to belong to the Contra drug dealer, Barry Seals. Who his father and his fathers friends in the CIA used as a drug dealer for that little mess at the MENA airport in Arkansas. With Bill Clinton's help. I would say that flying a big time drug dealers plane and flying jets makes him a risk taker. SCORE-2 10.

Are they quick to blame others for their mistakes? He is always quick to blame anyone and everyone for the problems he caused in Texas. He devastated that state and its social services. He is most likely to blame for the deaths of hundreds or thousands of children and sick adults in that state. When asked who is responsible, he points in every direction but to himself. He gave his rich friends hundreds of billions in tax cuts his first year in presidential office. The economy is now in a downward spiral, and he is blaming it on anything he can, aside from himself. SCORE-2 11.

As teenagers, did they resent authority, play truant and/or steal? There is the story about how as a young man he tried to get his father to fight him. That story was big during his campaign. As far as truant, he was AWOL for a one and a half year period during his National Guard stint. Although his friends in the CIA were able to get ahold of his official military records and doctor them up. Which they were caught doing. As for stealing, Texas is rife with stories about his using his governor's office to cut fat deals for himself in oil, and deals concerning his sports team. They say that you need to count your fingers after shaking his hand. SCORE-2 12.

Do they have no qualms about sponging off others? He used money from the state of Texas to benefit himself in regard to his sports team. He used his office as governor to line his nest. He took in a record amount of money for his presidential campaign, and then instantly began breaking his campaign promises to those contributors after elected. SCORE-2

13.Are they quick to lose their temper? He wanted to bomb Afghanistan into the stone age before asking any questions or finding out who did what at the WTC. SCORE-2 14.

Are they sexually promiscuous? If so, they have done a good job of covering it up. SCORE-0

15.Do they have a belligerent, bullying manner? He is amazingly belligerent in regard to his plans for what he considers evildoers. Poor people in other countries who stand between his friends and their oil. He intends to kill and bully anyone in the world who doesn't share his narrow views and get out of his way. He calls them terrorists. SCORE-2 16.

Are they unrealistic about their long-term aims? He believes he can bomb other sovereign nations, allow the CIA, Pentagon and DEA to destroy lives in South America, Iraq, The Sudan, Afghanistan and Palestine, while working back room deals for heroin, cocaine and oil rights the world wide. And he could care less about the consequences to our nation because of those actions. SCORE-2 17.

Do they lack any ability to empathize with others? As governor of Texas he killed many people on death row. Most of them were already the most unfortunate people in the state, who were led down the path they took as victims of the policies of men like him. Men with power. He enjoyed his role as executioner. He made no attempt to hide it. He slashed the social services funds in Texas so that the money could be funneled to his rich friends. No one knows how many people he killed by denying them life saving services. He made no apologies. On the contrary, he bragged out loud about the great job he did for Texas. SCORE-2 18.

Would you regard them as essentially irresponsible? Causing the senseless death of untold numbers of people for oil, heroin, cocaine and the ability to prop up "The New World Order" with those ill gotten gains goes far beyond irresponsible. It is criminal. SCORE-2

That makes a total of 31 points. Heck, he had points to spare. To paraphrase Dr. Heller, an expert on socialized psychopaths.... a relationship with a socialized psychopath is likely to prove a damaging experience......regardless of all studies and new therapies, psychopaths are 'hard-wired' for life-long bad behavior, with behaviors that include lying, cheating, cruelty, criminal behavior, irresponsibility, lack of remorse, poor relationships, exploitation, manipulation, destructiveness, irritability, aggressiveness, and job failures.....alcohol makes the disorder worse.....psychopaths are very prone to drug and alcohol abuse (It is known that George W Bush has a history of drug and alcohol abuse)....but the causes can also be mostly biological. Another characteristic is their unusual word usage, because they can't distinguish between neutral and emotional words (George W Bush has a well known problem with expressive language). Dr. Heller states,

"psychopaths feel no remorse, and actually enjoy their antisocial behavior. Even when they are indifferent to the rights of their associates, they are often able to inspire feelings of trust and confidence. This is best exemplified by a psychopath who professes that 'everything is fine' while lying point-blank to your face with seeming honesty and candor, and then, as soon as you turn away for a second, he will stab you in the back." I ask you America? What could you have been thinking when you voted for this full blown psychotic idiot? How many children will he cause to die here in America? How many children will he kill around the world? Why are we so fascinated by and so willing to hand our country over to these kinds of people? How sick are we? What does it say about us as a people?


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