Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some Quips

In spite of the FACT that Tom Delay( and his pal Abramoff), ran the most corrupt congress in the history of the United States of America, little has been carried in the Britany Spears / OJ Simpson propaganda that passes for "news" under the corporate coup Bush Barbarians for Oil and Genocide.

Ah and here we have Bushite North, mr. harper, waddling out to issue another edict from the thugs and dead enders occupying the White House.
Some FACTS...of course empathy is good too, ya know that tendency to be able to FEEL what others might be experiencing (from your actions).

Not to mention what this stuff does to the environment. WHY isn't anyone mentioning the FACT that global warming has increased expodentially since the Iraq war?

Add this nut job to the Zionist fascists in the Bush cabinet and you have apocalypse now - planned and executed of course from the PNAC document which laid out the invasion of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan over ten years ago. But the USA is not INTERFERING when they bomb the shit out of a country with no airforce, develop a torture prison in a country that did not attack them and continue to torture worldwide - Muslims of course. While nut jobs like this demand the assassination of foreign leaders..especially those who have nationalized their oil eh Pat!

The coup has been in place for sometime as those of us with eyes, ears, and a nose for truth can see.

We can end this all right now.

Just open our eyes and stand up ..

These are lying, cheating, stealing, bullies who have committed treason under the most hypocritical of circumstancers.

THEY are who the world sees representing America - is this who you are?



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