Friday, September 28, 2007

Repeating History, Bush Unocal and Burma

As the photos of monks being beaten and murdered in Burma flood the networks, the chilling facts of the situation are not mentioned.

The French president ..the very right wing French president meets with the very right wing George W. Bush and within weeks the military in Burma, which is owned byUnocal and the French company Total, is
repeating the slaughter of civilians and monks that they achieved under
George H. W. Bush.

Burma repeats the revolt of '88 - the outcome is unlikely to be any happier

By Peter Popham in Bangkok

Published: 28 September 2007

As the Burmese military crackdown on the monks' protests intensifies, the parallels with the events that culminated in the massacres of 1988 are becoming starker.
The present crisis began last month when the regime raised fuel prices by up to 50 per cent overnight, making everyday life for the impoverished Burmese impossible. The crisis of '88 began with a similar crass act of economic folly, when dictator General Ne Win demonetarised high-value currency notes with equal suddenness, wiping out the savings of millions of Burmese without compensation.
In 2007, as in 1988, visceral fury at a regime that cares nothing for the suffering of the people it rules (sounds famliar) has mutated rapidly into a broader expression of political exasperation. Ne Win seized power in 1962 and his so-called "Burmese Way to Socialism" transformed Asia's rice basket into a country whose main goal in 1987 – one it achieved – was to obtain "least-developed nation" status at the United Nations. For the rebels, economic hardship and political frustration were two sides of the same coin. Nineteen years on, little has changed.

Andwhat news report after news report never mentions is that the local military regime is OWNED by Unocal and the French company Total. So Bush and Sarkozy meet at Kennebunkport and bada bada bing Burma repeats history.

When do thinking people connect the dots and stop allowing genocide in the name of our phoney democracy? Everywhere there is unrest, genocide and tragedy ..there is an oil company manipulating the local government which is most often a placed puppet of big oil.

All because of a right wing, psychopathic, narcissistic, devoid of conscience Republican GUARD in the USA who are clearly fascist.


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