Monday, June 25, 2007

Taking the White House From the Bushites

After 12 years of sanctions on Iraq and the starvation of the bulk of the Iraqi populace (which was largely children), broken only by the occasional bombing of Iraq by British and American forces, the Bushite Administration threw OUT UN inspectors to proceed with the genocidal bombing of a population not armed to prevent air attack. Gee what courage that takes eh!
Ah the macho strutting pedophile, gay bashing ring of America.
Above the law and beneath contempt they shock and awe on, no law too large to break, no contempt too high to heap on the world and the American people.

They call themselves "elite" - I call them slime. They have betrayed their own country, their own people and indeed if they had one - their own conscience.

This July 4th....let's kick these crooks out of the White House which is nothing but the Bush Bada Bing.


The trail is a mile long, all over the internet and the national archives - this presidency is a criminal, illegal farce, perpetuating genocide in the name of America, for a group of global corporations who pay no taxes and operate above the law.

The illegal, immoral, corrupt presidency and the crooked GOP they rode in on.

To GITMO with the sorry lot - for life. Show photos from their jail cells of them in their underwear, with nothing but the bible and a continuous reel of the Dixie Chicks singing "I Ain't Ready to Make Nice" ...full volume 24/7.

Because this slime is nothing but a bunch of thugs and dead enders who will say and do anything - THAT is the shock and awe...that they do so with virtual impunity - telling us all they are above the law.

This 4th of July - let us march to Washington and enforce the law. Let's take back the White House from the Bushites, the thugs and dead enders who will say and do anything for their corporate criminal masters.


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