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Citizens' Arrest for Executive Branch
Submitted by lefty smith on Sat, 2006-02-11 11:31. Letters

Do we have to make citizens’ arrests of Bush & company? We have smoking gun after smoking gun and the criminals in charge of our nation do nothing. It is quite clear they are all (with few exceptions) in on the crimes.

We have TONS of EVIDENCE that both presidential elections have been stolen. That alone should be enough to arrest the people who have taken over our nation via electoral coup! But wait…there is more…lots more! We have EVIDENCE that there was inside involvement in 9/11…nothing happens. We have EVIDENCE that George W. Bush lied about the reasons for invading Iraq, about what he knew about the potential doom of Katrina in advance, and he knew (and may have been involved) about 9/11…nothing happens. We have testimony that Dick Cheney approved the leaking of top secret information…nothing happens. Do we have to arrest these criminals ourselves? Even if all the EVIDENCE is wrong it only proves that this administration is so incompetent that they should be removed from office for our own safety!

Congress is our enemy; the Justice Department has been compromised in the same way that Police Capt. Mark McCluskey was in the movie the Godfather. Our military have been so blinded with propaganda that they don’t realize that they have been mobilized in direct contradiction to the principles for which they believe they are fighting. Our local law enforcement has already taken steps to implement a fascist police state where they view peace groups as the enemy and they enforce the statutes that violate our Constitution. Do we have to carry out justice ourselves? Do we have to revert to the street justice of the wild west? Do we need to form a posse and arrest the criminals ourselves?
Is there not a single institution in our nation that can stop this insanity? Will the people have to rise up and save themselves?
This whole nation has flipped. We are insane. The crimes are so egregious, so outrageous, so vile that people do not believe they are being conducted. They see, smell, feel, hear and taste the evidence yet they still find this reality too difficult to believe! What do we have to do to wake everyone up?
The Bush administration is built on two foundations.

1. Members of PNAC; a group who knew their radical agenda would not be accepted by Americans unless there was, in their own words, “a catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor!”

2. A group of experience criminals (a la Iran Contra), some of which were convicted of crimes related to subverting our political process. I speak of people who had a reason to permit, enable or conduct the events of 9/11 and I speak of people who have decades of experience operating illegal operations at the highest level of government for the purpose of subverting the democratic process. DON’T YOU PEOPLE FIND THIS DISTURBING IN THE LEAST?
(While God's little money laundry funnels faith based funding to such charming foreign (terrorists) leaders as Charles Taylor (Robertson sent $10 million to Charles Taylor now on trial for war crimes).

Don’t people realize that the EVIDENCE of all these crimes is right there in front of their faces?

Forget the media…they are the enemy and they should be first on our list when we clean house! Look at the EVIDENCE! It’s out there! I’ll pay for the handcuffs…where are all the deputies? Think about it!


A delightful rant from the link referenced at the beginning.

It is soooo hard when you can see the mountain of evidence that convicts these criminals in office, and then listen to the mainstream news media mouthing their paid off platitudes of propaganda for a criminal government.

Working outside the Geneva convention and the World Court, this criminal, torturing regime
continues its immoral occupation of Iraq. CNN's "This Week At War" is sad, at best. It should be titled "This week of occupation in Iraq" or "George's Genocide" "How Far Will He Go" could be a real ratings booster and isn't that really what it is all about for mainstream media?


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