Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dying for Dick

January 27, 2007

Daffy Does Doom


Dick Durbin went to the floor of the Senate on Thursday night to denounce the vice president as “delusional.”

It was shocking, and Senator Durbin should be ashamed of himself.
Delusional is far too mild a word to describe Dick Cheney. Delusional doesn’t begin to capture the profound, transcendental one-flew-over daftness of the man.
Has anyone in the history of the United States ever been so singularly wrong and misguided about such phenomenally important events and continued to insist he’s right in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary? (Well yesss...a certain "Decider")
It requires an exquisite kind of lunacy to spend hundreds of billions destroying America’s reputation in the world, exhausting the U.S. military, failing to catch Osama, enhancing Iran’s power in the Middle East and sending American kids to train and arm Iraqi forces so they can work against American interests.
Only someone with an inspired alienation from reality could, under the guise of exorcising the trauma of Vietnam, replicate the trauma of Vietnam.

You must have a real talent for derangement to stay wrong every step of the way, to remain in complete denial about Iraq’s civil war, to have a total misunderstanding of Arab culture, to be completely oblivious to the American mood and to be absolutely blind to how democracy works.
In a democracy, when you run a campaign that panders to homophobia by attacking gay marriage and then your lesbian daughter writes a book about politics and decides to have a baby with her partner, you cannot tell Wolf Blitzer he’s “out of line” when he gingerly raises the hypocrisy of your position.

Mr. Cheney acts more like a member of the James gang than the Jefferson gang. Asked by Wolf what would happen if the Senate passed a resolution critical of The Surge, Scary Cheney rumbled, “It won’t stop us.”
Such an exercise in democracy, he noted, would be “detrimental from the standpoint of the troops.”

They are perpetually guided by the wrong part of the body. They are consumed by the fear of looking as if they don’t have guts, when they should be compelled by the desire to look as if they have brains.

The reality of Iraq, as The Times’s brilliant John Burns described it to Charlie Rose this week, is that a messy endgame could be far worse than Vietnam, leading to “a civil war on a scale with bloodshed that will absolutely dwarf what we’re seeing now,” and a “wider conflagration, with all kinds of implications for the world’s flow of oil, for the state of Israel. What happens to King Abdullah in Jordan if there’s complete chaos in the region?”

Mr. Cheney has turned his perversity into foreign policy.

He assumes that the more people think he’s crazy, the saner he must be. In Dr. No’s nutty world-view, anti-Americanism is a compliment. The proof that America is right is that everyone thinks it isn’t.

He sees himself as a prophet in the wilderness because he thinks anyone in the wilderness must be a prophet.
To borrow one of his many dismissive words, it’s hogwash.
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Operating outside the Geneva Convention and the International Criminal Court, the USA plans to escalate an already illegal, immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Bush continues to state that "victory" is the only what...losing the OIL in the Middle East?

This administration has made it clear to the world that it operates outside International Law, has no respect for the Geneva Convention and seems impervious to American domestic law.

Many will continue to die for dick, until this lawless,
miserable, group of thugs is brought to justice and held accountable under the laws of the democracy of the United States of America. If they do not GET IT...then perhaps we need to reread the Declaration of Independence, then march in the millions holding candles and, like the Prince of Peace, shine so much light on them that they shrink in shame (finally).

The truth is that this criminal, disgusting presidency and vice should both be in Gitmo for life.
We do not have to torture them or do any of the disgusting things they would surely do to any one of us. Perhaps we could play John Ashcroft singing "Let The Eagle Soar" (24 hours a day) and have daily 5 AM readings from the OLD testment only of course.

Let see: treason, conflict of interest, obstruction of justice, genocide, war crimes, ...

Do I hear anyone saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?"

Naw, that is mean and gawd know I sure don't wanta be like this group. Let's just enforce the damn law and bring these thugs and dead enders to JUSTICE. Their act playing president and vice, is really old....really, really, old.


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