Saturday, April 29, 2006

Texas Tells Tom - "Don't Let the Door Hit You..."

A double dealing Delay, the consumate money grubbing, holier than thou Republican crook that makes up this administration of thugs and dead enders.

Next we will hear some scapegoating, hatefilled rant smearing everyone but him and accusing activist judges of working against (gasp) him.

It was early in January when Eric Thode got the phone call from a member of Tom DeLay’s staff. Thode was a little surprised to hear from DeLay. As the chairman of the Fort Bend County Republican party, Thode was responsible for running the March 7 primary election, but that was two months away, and he expected DeLay to win easily against three opponents. Surely DeLay wasn’t concerned about it. So what could the eleven-term congressman from Sugar Land, the majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, want to know?
As Thode remembers the conversation, the staffer said DeLay was “contemplating his possibilities.” What if he were to win the primary with a less-than-solid showing? What if Ronnie Earle, the Travis County district attorney who had secured two felony indictments against DeLay involving the misuse of corporate funds to help Republican state legislative candidates in the 2002 election cycle, was able to win a conviction before the 2006 election? What if something happened in the federal corruption investigation of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, whom DeLay had once described as one of his closest friends? If any of these circumstances came to pass, the Democrats could win the seat. His seat.
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Delay is also linked to Jack Abramoff, recently sentenced to six years in jail for money laundering, and you can bet Jack got off lightly given the information is about to unload on the Bush boys.

Yup this is essentially how the Bush administration treats the entire justice system, as a joke. But then look at them and they were appointed by the "justice" system.

The ONLY way to clean up after this bunch is put the lot - STARTING AT THE TOP - in jail for a l-ong time.

Otherwise America will continue sweeping the foreign policy of narcissistic psychopath under the rug and continue to deny its own terrorism.


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