Friday, April 28, 2006

Bats in the Belfry - Time for the Caine Mutiny?

President Bush is allowed to classify the flight lists around 300 Saudis he had escorted from the country immediately following 9/11. While the head of the 9/11 commission is a former Bin Laden business partner, but everything is just fine in Stepford folks.

Lobbyists have congress all-l tied up so they cannot enforce the law against the most criminal, treasonous administration in history.

Carlyle, Halliburton, Lockheed, and Enron
have everything they want, and oh

your freedom - it's gone.

A sample of the pedophile patriarchy attempting total theocratic control (Dominion) of the USA - Brian Doyle - HOMELAND SECURITY

I guess he got his clearance from the same place that Gannon got his press pass eh?

The Prince of Peace, (crucified by these Roman dictators in another life?)

Brian Doyle in regular garb

working his "magic" at Homeland Security with the ability to spy on every home in America and see just how many children you have and perhaps even what schools they attend.

The Southern Daily News ...

Theologian Says It's Time for Civil Disobedience

By Wilson RayNEW ORLEANS, La., Oct. 26 (PS) — It is time for civil disobedience on the part of Christians, Jews and Muslims to protest the growing disparity between the rich and the poor, especially in the United States under an administration which claims to work on behalf of God, says a prominent theologian and a Nobel Prize laureate. "I think it may come to that. I really do," Joseph C. Hough said on Bill Moyers' public television show NOW.

Hough, the son of a Baptist preacher, is former dean of the Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville now serving as president and William E. Dodge Professor of Social Ethics at the Union Theological Seminary in New York City. George A. Akerlof, the 2001 Nobel Prize laureate who teaches economics at the University of California in Berkeley, also recently lashed out at the government of President George W. Bush, calling it the "worst ever" in American history. "I think this is the worst government the U.S. has ever had in its more than 200 years of history. It has engaged in extraordinarily irresponsible policies not only in foreign policy and economics but also in social and environmental policy," he said. "Now is the time for people to engage in civil disobedience. I think it's time to protest — as much as possible." Moyers asked Hough to react to Akerlof's statement. "The only way to promote your cause is civil disobedience and the willingness to take the consequences for it," Hough said. "And I think we're just about there." Hough said there is a definite, intentional move on the part of political leadership in this country in a direction that is not compatible with the prophetic tradition in Islam, Christianity or Judaism. "The growing gap between the rich and the poor . . . has become almost obscene by anybody's standards," he said. He also attacked the "stated intentional policy of bankrupting the government" by anti-government political conservatives. "Those who oppress the needy insult their maker," he said, quoting from Proverbs. "It would be a wonderful thing if we could stand together, these three great Abrahamic traditions, and say, 'Look, we do not countenance this sort of thing. It is not only unfair, it is immoral on the basis of our religious traditions, and we believe it's an insult to God.'" He said it is a deep and profound theological issue, and has to do with "whether we are faithful to the deepest convictions called for by our faith." The followers of Jesus saw to it that people who didn't have enough to eat could come to that table and get enough to eat, he said, quoting from Acts. "That was the radical model they put out there," he said. "Nobody likes to talk about that very much."

He called on all those from the "Abrahamic traditions" who share this conviction about care for the least fortunate to "simply make some kind of public declaration that enough is enough."

In addition, he said it is not in the spirit of American democracy to generate inequality, and to contradict equal opportunity in our society. "Those are not the norms we've lived by," he said. Moyers asked about the paradox that the immoral policies were enacted by a Congress and an Administration "elected to a significant degree with the support of the religious right." Hough responded by attacking House Majority Leader Tom Delay and corporate salaries.
Jesus said, "By their fruits, you shall know them," Hough said. "The policies of this country are disadvantaging poor people every day of our lives." "There is no justification under Heaven for some corporate executives to make 1,000 times as much as their average worker," he said. He cited Amartya Sen, a development economist and a Nobel Prize winner, who says that no society can claim to be fair if there are substantial number of its citizens who are not receiving enough assistance or income to have the "capability to function." That means, he said, to be able to buy food, have a place to live, have their children educated, reasonable health care and a job. He said making this happen should be the litmus test for anyone running for public office.

"Enough is enough," he said. "Let's stop this business, and let's look again and ask the question, 'What will really make this a country that we can be proud of, and one that pays attention to all the people, not just a few.'" It is clear now that the Bush administration has catered to the religious community to a greater extent even than former President Ronald Reagan catered to the Moral Majority in the 1980s. The New York Times weighs in today with this story about how evangelicals hold unusual sway with the Bush White House. At the same time, the White House still fails to come clean by releasing all the relevant intelligence documents related to 9/11. But the Senate Democrats continue to pound this administration on leaking the name of a CIA agent for political purposes. Meanwhile, more than 10,000 protestors converged on Washington, D.C. this weekend to demand the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. I've already laid out my case for civil disobedience. What are you doing to change the world for the better this week? Shoot me an e-mail and let me know. You might start simply by boycotting Wal-mart, where low wages and the use of illegal immigrants is now making the news. Moyers' also ran stories this past week on downward mobility and income disparity in America.


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