Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Harper Moves to Hide the Bodies

Today, like George Bush, Stephen Harper moved to limit press access to military funerals and the return of bodies from
Afghanistan, where they guard the Bush CIA poppy crop.
(Gee are they starting to smuggle drugs in the bodies the way they did in Viet Nam?)

While the world recoils from this sick administration, we have a prime minister rushing to clone himself in Bush's shadow.


In Harper's own words:
"Then there is the Progressive Conservative party, the PC party, which won only 20 seats. Now, the term Progressive Conservative will immediately raise suspicions in all of your minds. It should... They were in favour of gay rights officially, officially for abortion on demand. Officially -- what else can I say about them? Officially for the entrenchment of our universal, collectivized, health-care system and multicultural policies in the constitution of the country."
- Conservative leader Stephen Harper, then vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, in a June 1997 Montreal meeting of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing American think tank.

Fuhrer Harper, has banned the media from military funerals, hardly meets with them for press conferences and almost daily has issued edicts limiting public or press access to government.

But then, THIS (to the left) - is his "shining light"

mr. Bush is clearly shown by facts published all over the web, to be a fraudulent president orchestrating a fraudulent war using a cult based religion as a money laundry. To state publically that this is what Harper honors over OUR Canadian values - well, that doesn't seem terribly democratic, christian, OR patriotic and it certainly is NOT Canadian.

Finally mr. harper, if you want to vote on my civil rights - do I get to vote on yours?


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