Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Free Association 2006

Ralph Reed campaigned extensively throughout Canada on behalf of Stephen Harper (newly elected Neo Con Prime Minister in Canada), yet his connection to Abramoff and the US mafia did not attract a single question from Canadian or foreign media.

False prophets Jesus warned about

A God called greed ...and Jack Abramoff to rip off the American Indians once again.

Is Bush going to return the money he received from Abramoff?

Canada's little Bush...all ready to step and fetch (as we declare martial law after Canada's first terrorist attack). Of course the lack of defense will be blamed on the Liberals, and the Patriot Act will be rammed down our throats ..while the the fear of another attack is whipped up.

I am still aghast that one of the longest election periods in the history of Canada did not seem to
allow the CBC enough time to question Mr. Harper in regard to funding received from the Christian Coalition in either the USA or Canada. Given this group is now connected to
Jack Abramoff who is indicted for murder, and money laundering - it is rather important.

It would be nice to know if we are replacing Liberal corruption with the US mafia.


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