Monday, December 26, 2005

"W" the Queerist Cowboy of All ?

Maureen Dowd:

Gorgeous George Bush...The 'Queerest' Cowboy President of Them All

Maureen Dowd, with Hot Monkey Love, is in suitably skittish mood for the holiday season. Her gift is the ability to use popular culture to make strong political points. She takes "Brokeback Mountain", the gay cowboy movie and turns it into another anti-Bush satire.

As President Bush tries to shake off his dazed look and regain his swagger, he will no doubt dust off his cowboy routine: his gunslinger pose, his squinty-eyed gaze, his dead-or-alive one-liners, his Crawford brush clearing. But this time, he may want to think twice before strapping on a Texas-shaped belt buckle. W. might inadvertently conjure up images of Bushback Mountain.

...a review of Brokeback Mountain when it won the Palme d'Or in Cannes last September. Here's an excerpt:


All that leather, all those nights with their partners by the campfire... As the Palme d'Or is won by a film that finally portrays two cowboys as lovers. One wonders why it took so long to tell it straight. Across Wyoming into Montana and Idaho, smoke signals are carrying the message from Venice. It reaches down through Colorado (where Brokeback Mountain also played at Telluride recently) to New Mexico and Arizona. Battling wind, sandstorm and the sturdy resistance of "W" (did you ever think, it's really "double you"?), the coded report has gone like wildfire: "Pink hats are in this year, boys." The code is required because those pioneers of smoke talk - the Native Americans - remain religiously opposed to certain tender understandings among cowboys. Never mind, the truth is out at last (thanks to Annie Proulx and director Ang Lee). After cowboys had done their best on lonely tours of duty to do what a man must do with sheep, steers, coyotes and wolves (and some of these guys are called "Stumpy" for good reason), they did turn to each other. That's right, pardner, some of the best men you ever saw on or off a horse have been gay.Whatever next, eh? George Bush in the closet? National Inquirer headline screams: "Is Bush Queer?" Not that Maureen Dowd suggests that Bush might be butch to mask his gayness to himself. Maureen Dowd also includes another icon of popular culture - King Kong:
This lovable overgrown monkey is more like the brooding, wounded and steadfast romantic heroes Heathcliff and Rick Blaine. Like Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy, Peter Jackson's big ape goes for gals with spunk. He likes babes who juggle more than jiggle.

We COULD have a fascists frog march parade down Wall Street and likely cover at least a block with wall to wall evil doers.

Of course if it WAS Ari who helped Gannon get into the White House.

Remember Arrogant Ari, the Nazi of News...who made us all shudder with the similarity to a Nazi
SS officer.

A credited reporter was dumped so a male prostitute could be given credentials to work in the White House.

He had carte blanche at all hours and stayed overnight on numerous occasions.

The liberal news media, dropped the story quicker than you could say "how much?"

After bilking the national treasury, laying waste to the world environment, coupled with starting an illegal, immoral war, complete with torture chambers worldwide... "W" has now turned his focus on AMERIKA.


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