Saturday, December 24, 2005

Protection or Pathological Lying?

Young Iraqi terrorist uses WMD on soldier.

More than half of Iraq's population of 38 million were children, thousands of whom have been made homeless orphans, many without limbs. They suffer horribly EVERYDAY, as they struggle on with no sewage system, no water, no parents, and little hope.

Negroponte - in charge of ALL US INTEL

Excerpt from SOA watch (School of Americas, where the assassins of Salvadore Allende and Father Romaro were trained)

Originally published by The Nation - David Corn is the author.

Not only has Negroponte declined to acknowledge the obvious; when he was ambassador, the State Department rigged its Honduras human rights reports to Congress. As a 1995 Baltimore Sun series noted, "A comparison of the annual human rights reports prepared while Negroponte was ambassador with the facts as they were then known shows that Congress was deliberately misled." The Sun reported, "Time and again...Negroponte was confronted with evidence that a Honduran army intelligence unit, trained by the CIA, was stalking, kidnapping, torturing and killing suspected subversives." But this didn't make it into State Department reports. Had Honduras been found to be engaging in systematic abuses, it could have lost its US aid--thwarting the Reagan Administration's use of Honduras to support the contras. (more at above listed link)

Imperial domination of the world planned from pre WWII. American industry sold to Adolf Hitler throughout WWII, then imported Gestapo agents to work in the CIA after the war.

In southern USA the American army forced U.S. soldiers of color to WAIT on German prisoners of war.

Three million Vietnamese died of Agent Orange, Napalm, and other forms of wretched (chemical) bombing by the U.S.A.

There are more people incarcerated in the USA per capita than ANYWHERE in the world (where their labor is sold back to corporations - cheap).

Bush executed 150 HUMAN BEINGS in the State of Texas - more than any Governor in the history of the USA.

Negroponte has claimed "there was no effort to soft pedal" abuses in Honduras. Yet in public statements he repeatedly conveyed a misleading appearance, and in the years since he has held tight--in the face of compelling evidence--to the view that the abuses that did occur were merely unfortunate exceptions. Negroponte's confirmation hearing will provide senators a chance to probe Bush's plans (or lack thereof) in Iraq. But if Negroponte's record as an abuse denier is not questioned, as seems likely, he will once again be able to escape his haunted past.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation produced a special entitled "Where Are the Children", that addresses the capture and selling of children in South America throughout the Iran Contra affair. The CIA, working with Mr. Negroponte had locals trained at the School of Americas...who then worked for the CIA. Families throughout Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador - and the Honduras - ESPECIALLY if they were (are) poor - have had their children stolen and sold to families in the USA or to prostitution rings - a thriving trade that destroyed the entire fabric of poor indigenous families in South America. THIS is what the head of national intelligence of the USA is most known for, along with drug running and death squads - then altering reports to congress to cover his tracks.

An excerpt:

"Hundreds, if not thousands of children, were abducted in the chaos and fighting of El Salvador's civil war. They were put up for adoption around the world. Years passed, but many mothers and fathers refused to give up hope that they might be able to find their child out there somewhere. Now one priest has made it his mission to find the missing, and his organization is reuniting children with the biological families they didn't know they had.See the CBC News: Correspondent site for more information and link on this story. Joan Leishman, former CBC News correspondent for Latin America follows the detective work of Pro-Busqueda staffers as they travel to remote areas to question families, take DNA samples and psychologically prepare families for reunions. And she talks to Father Cortina about his work, his passion for El Salvador and his faith in the face of the evils he has witnessed.

Like the Bush family, Negroponte operates completely above International Law, American domestic law or the Geneva convention. He changes human rights reports with apparent impunity or simply lies without reprecussion. He too is clearly above the law.

For some in the world there are no laws, unfortunately those people have stolen the highest office in the land where they direct military contracts to the monopolistic corporate treason
controlling the world. They quite literally use us as slaves to fund their evil.


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