Sunday, December 18, 2005

Fascists and False Prophets Rule the USA

In 2004 Common Dreams, Guy Reel - Neo Cons are just Con men...

The stepford women (below) - act like someone after three martinis - mean, vicious, coupled with vacuous and facile. What wonderful role models.
Guy Reel - Common Dreams 2004

when did the nastiness in today's politics begin and whose fault is it? The "conservative" commentator said it was because of Democrats' behavior during the not-pretty Robert Bork confirmation hearings; the "liberal" said it happened when Newt Gingrich made political disagreements personal in the 1990s.

They're both wrong. It happened with the rise of Rush Limbaugh and the hundreds of Limbaugh drones on local talk radio stations across the country. They are loud, they are mean, and they never cease. They even go on at night; some of the most outrageous lunatics you've ever heard are on your local radio dials well into the wee hours. And they are given national platforms for their endless, paranoid propaganda.

Often they just spew outright lies. Other times they will commit logical fallacies - grossly mischaracterizing their opponents' positions, then arguing against those mischaracterizations (a favorite tactic of the Bush campaign's attack machine against John Kerry). Usually they will offer little analysis, just condemnation and hatred for anyone who doesn't share their views.
They villify anyone who disagrees with them. They attack our morality, our humanity. Then they accuse us of doing that to them.

At Nuremberg - Goebbels and his right wing, hate spreading propaganda machine were sentenced -

so should the American puerile propaganda machine
be prosecuted. Abuse of public air waves, spreading hatred and lies ... IN THE NAME OF GOD, no less.

The world is tired of their constant, lying, static polluting the air waves of the earth.

Left to Right (no pun intended)

Mentally disturbed - Ann Coulter

IMUS - we are not sure where the hell he is -
is he in his body?

O'Reilly - your Fundamentalist, Orthodox,
Xenophobe put out by puerile FOX
the fascist broadcasting service from Australia

After that they just blend into one ten year old boy (immature, dysfunctional ten year old boy...mostly a pack animal looking to see what the leader is doing so he can wag his tail and run after for approval...assuming they have "bought-in" to the TV news any one of them is "manufacturing" )


More from Common Dreams link above:

They villify anyone who disagrees with them. They attack our morality, our humanity. Then they accuse us of doing that to them.

And that is their dirty little secret: A popular ruse of propagandists is to accuse their opponents of doing exactly what they're doing. It keeps the opponent on the defensive; it doesn't matter if it's a lie.

Thus we hear or see:

* Limbaugh telling millions of self-proclaimed "dittoheads" that it is actually Democrats who don't think for themselves;

* Bush accusing Kerry of running a negative campaign when Bush has cheapened his office and the incumbency by offering nothing but pathological criticism of Kerry, with no justifications for his own policies;

* A Republican Party obscenely accusing Kerry of an "extreme makeover" when the GOP candidate claims he's a war president one day and a peace president the next - and that he's compassionate and not a divider;

* Conservative talk-mongers claiming Democrats are full of hate while they accuse Democrats of treason and immorality;

* Radio blowhards calling Democrats the party of the elites when it is the elite Republicans who are profiting from the greatest imbalance of wealth and power in our nation's history;

* Republicans accusing Democrats of not supporting the troops, then chuckling as their president cuts benefits for veterans;

* Rightist politicians claiming Democrats are tax-happy, when it is their policies that have solidified tax increases for generations;

* The same politicians claiming Democrats are fiscally irresponsible, when in the last three years the GOP has presided over increased budgets, government and pork like pigs to the trough;

* Radio commentators consulting their talking-points memos to help them lie about Democrats' willingness to fight terrorism - when the Republicans let the murderer Osama bin Laden walk free while they fought a war that had nothing to do with 9/11;

* Party spokesman questioning the patriotism of John Kerry - when Bush avoided real service while Kerry risked his own life to save his men when he hunted down and killed an enemy gunner in Vietnam.

In short, they're not neo-cons, they're con men. They're what a friend calls the "rightie-tighties." They don't speak for America. They are the elite, speaking for more wealth and power for the elitists.

Of course, I don't have to listen to it. I can change my radio dial. But that doesn't stop the talk; it just stops me from hearing it. I'd rather hear it to know what the enemies of America are saying, so I can fight back against it.
Guy Reel is an assistant professor of mass communication at Winthrop University. He can be reached at


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