Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Bush Occupation of America

For over sixty years the USA has been subject to an onslaught of clandestine (and not so secret) Bush Cheney GOP treason. This clan has traded with the enemy in every war from Samuel Bush in WWI and the Merchants of Death to Prescott Bush and Hitler in WWII and now
Dubya hangs Saddam after the family supplied him with the chemical weapons necessary to gas the Kurds while he fought Iran (with the urging and arming of America).

But PU-lease do not take my word for your own search. A google search brings up over 3 million links simply for the "Bush crime family."
You will be quite astounded that American media has managed to bury the truth about the Bush family and the fact they built most of their palaces on the slavery of people in prison camps - HITLER's prison camps.


Progressive Daily BeaconOpinion Piece

Who is the Corporate-Owned Media Calling 'Extremist'

A. Alexander, August 14th, 2007

Rush Limbaugh can baselessly claim that Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster, the lifelong friend of Bill Clinton, murdered. Michelle Malkin can call for the imprisonment of Congressional Democrats - the reason: voting to end the Iraq War. Ann Coulter can call John Edwards a "fag." And Jonah Goldberg can argue against, in America's supposed democracy, allowing every American citizen the right to vote. But, according to the corporate-owned media, there is NOTHING radical or extreme or "far right" about anything the right-wing propagandists say or write.

It is perfectly "mainstream" American political discourse for Limbaugh to claim that Democrats are in bed with al-Qaeda or that Hillary Clinton murdered someone that she didn't. When Coulter calls for the assassination of former presidents or infers that, perhaps, John Edwards, married with children, is gay - she is booked on every corporate-owned program in the country. Bill O'Reilly can, one day, be on the phone forcing an intern to describe her favorite method of masturbation and the next day, condemn America for not having enough "Christ in Christmas" and no one points out the lunacy. Yet, should someone from the "Left" call Limbaugh a liar or rightfully accuse him of fomenting a dangerous nationalistic and very Nazi-like political environment, and the corporate-owned media will immediately brand that person as being, "a left-wing radical

These are not American broadcasting stations, nor are they supportive of the democratic state.
They are the totalitarian toadies who have sold out and they have managed to conceal the Nazi past, present and future of the Bush crime family, not merely to the detriment of America - to its death. There are your terrorists - those who cover up the darkness within forcing America to repeat its sordid history again and again and again.

The word on the street is that Bush Cheney crime syndicate are planning another black ops equivalent to 9/11 (see prior post and comments of Roberts, former Reagan official) and of course martial law. Since the USA has not had habeas corpus for some time now, it can no longer be considered a democracy, especially with the rigged Diebold elections - so let us all just cut the crap about spreading "democracy." You cannot sell, or give away, something you do not have in the first place.


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