Monday, October 29, 2007

Church Lady to the Religious Rite

Listen up my pretties, let me name you:
According to the modern prophets of privatization,
Bible doctrine is expendable, but no one may question the doctrine of unbridled capitalism. Any who go there are labeled "socialists" in the worst sense of the term. Forgetting that Christ (yes Jes-us dumplings), drove the moneychangers from His temple, one prophet, Willard Garvey, shamelessly named the Lord Jesus among the founders of Republican government and proponents of privatization!
"Privatization is documented in the enclosed paper from the Heritage Foundation and dates back at least to Adam Smith, Plato, Aristotle and Jesus. . .Privatization might well be the theme for the 200th anniversary of the Constitution. Privatization is essential for national salvation."To attain national salvation, the prophets of privatization determined to build a voting bloc to support their agenda. In 1976, direct-mail fundraising genius of the New Right, Richard Viguerie, was accompanied to the 1976 convention of the American Independent Party by three leaders of the New Right with equally doubtful connections:

William Rusher, editor of CFR member William F. Buckley's National Review.

Paul Weyrich, founder of the Heritage and Free Congress Foundation, who employed Fabianist/British race scientist Roger Pearson of the World Anti-Communist League, the multinational network of Nazi war criminals, Latin American death squad leaders and North American neo-fascists. Weyrich presently employs top U.S. Fabianist Sir Peter Vickers Hall and ex-Nazi collaborator Laszlo Pasztor.

Howard Phillips, who founded The Conservative Caucus (TCC) at the direction of 33º Mason, Jesse Helms on whose staff he worked. TCC has an interlocking directorate (Phillips served on advisory board) with the United States Council for World Freedom (USCWF) of the WACL. Phillips also proposed the name for Buckley's Young Americans for Freedom and served on its board of directors.

Well he should know darlings...with over 4000 cases of abuse now recorded in criminal records around the world, he could likely put an end to the pedophile market throughout the world. Instead he shuffles priests to different dicocese to protect them from the law and prosecution. A pedophile patriarchy protected by law, a separate country -the Vatican...who also helped the Nazi rat lines export the Nazis to found the USA CIA. least this clumsy lot has exposed the current Nazis before the world.
If President George W Bush has his way, then the spread of the American system of democracy will continue to proliferate around the world. There are those, however, who argue that the American form of “democracy” has little to do with genuine democratic representation but rather more closely resembles a revolving fascist dictatorship beholden to the interests of a wealthy elite and big business. 1
This form of government, it is argued, has as its underlying model the European Synarchist movement that was founded in the 1870’s, by Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre. St Yves considered the medieval Knights Templars to be ultimate Synarchists of their time and consequently drew on Templar ideals when formulating his ideas.
St Yves movement came to the fore in the early 1920’s, following the end of WWI and the signing of the Versailles Treaty.

2 In its essence, Synarchy advocates that government be run by a secret society or cabal – “an elite of enlightened initiates who rule from behind the scenes.”

3 As authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince describe it: “…it therefore doesn't matter which political party holds power in a state - or even what political system that state has. Synarchists would step in and take control of the key state institutions.”

4 In the United States, one such secret society worthy of note is Yale University’s Order of the Skull and Bones. Entry into the Order involves elaborate ritual and is accompanied by a change of name. No longer is the neophyte known by his family name, but assumes the identity of a Knight.

Bonesmen include George W. Bush, his father George Bush senior and Senator John Kerry. George Bush’s great grandfather, Prescott Bush, was also a Bonesman, as was George Bush’s favourite uncle, Herbert Walker. In point of fact, almost all of the so-called “Eastern Establishment” families have been enrolled in the Skull and Bones. Author Antony Sutton, in his groundbreaking four-part series “The Order,” states that the US Order links to Britain through the Rhodes-Milner Oxford Group but has German origins. The US Order also links to the Guggenheim, Schiff and Warburg families, despite having definite anti-semitic tendencies until more recent times. Sutton’s own research linked the Order to “the founding and growth of Nazism” 5 and considered it likely that German original was the Illuminati.
The Bush family’s political dynasty and indeed, its wealth, arose from the Nazi connections forged by Prescott Bush, who worked for Nazi magnate, Fritz Thyssen. Bush’s uncle “Herbie” (Herbert Walker), was like-wise employed by Thyssen.
6 An even darker episode was reported by a Dutch intelligence agent who stated that Prescott Bush also managed a portion of the slave labour force located at I G Farben’s Auschwitz plant - the infamous nazi death camp.
7 Working for Prescott Bush was Allen Dulles, who would later become a director of the CIA, following a highly questionable career in the war where he was posted to the head up the Swiss office of the American intelligence service, the OSS. Before the war Dulles was appointed the US legal counsel for I G Farben. Another law client of Dulles was Fritz Thyssen. These inter-relationships are, at the very least, very chummy. Some believe them to be treacherous.

...Working with the main architects and commanding generals of the New Right was also John T. (Terry) Dolan co-founder and national chairman of the 300,000-member National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC), the largest conservative political action committee in terms of spending and influence including Jesse Helms' Congressional Club which was a client of NCPAC.
Weyrich, Viguerie and Dolan
are Catholic; Phillips is Jewish but claims to have converted to Christianity. Terry Dolan was a homosexual who died of AIDS in 1986. In his expose of the New Right, God's Bullies, Perry Deane Young set the record straight on the religious makeup of the New Right leadership:

"We are told that out of [the Fundamentalist tradition]...a new and powerful force known variously as 'the new Christian right' or 'the religious right' or 'the moral majority' has emerged. We are led to believe that these groups, or this movement, sprang naturally from the fundamentalist soil. But such is not the case.

"A fundamentalist is generally defined as one who believes in adult baptism (that one should have a choice in the matter and be old enough to know what he is doing), in a literal interpretation of the bible, and in being 'reborn' or 'born again' through a personal experience in accepting Jesus Christ as one's personal Savior. This definition does not begin to cover all those in the religious right. There are Orthodox Jewish rabbis on nearly every one of these groups' boards of advisors. In most cases, the groups themselves were set up by Catholics. The idea for a Moral Majority, Inc., and the name itself came from two political operatives in Washington -- one a Jew, the other a Catholic.
"The most effective leaders of the new right are nearly all Catholics. The following are only a few of them: Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum, Terry Dolan of National Conservative Political Action Committee, Robert Boege of the National Conservative Foundation, Robert Bauman, former national chairman of both Young Americans for Freedom and American Conservative Union, and Richard A. Viguerie, whose direct-mail expertise made winners of them all." 27.Terry Dolan was also a former member of the advisory board of CAUSA USA, whose president is Bo Hi Pak, top aide of Sun Myung Moon. In 1984, Dolan's organization, NCPAC, received $775,000 from Rev. Moon. Terry Dolan stated that the secret of fundraising is to try to "make them angry and stir up hostilities. The shriller you are, the easier it is to raise funds. That's the nature of the beast."
You see darlings..its really IS a beast, and it is right in front of us, exposed by these oafs in office for all to see.


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