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911 The Knights of Malta Signature Date

The Victory of September 11.
by Paul J Cella

The victory never came. Across Europe news of the bravery of Knights — outnumbered five to one or more — rang like a great tocsin. All throughout that brutal summer on the sun-baked isle, the Turks had been repulsed, time after time, in their attempts to take the Christian fortresses of Malta. One such fortress had been reduced to rubble by Turkish artillery, and its garrison (almost every one of them already dead) desecrated by enraged Turks; but the other had held. Casualties among the Sultan’s army had been terrible, and disease ran rampant. The stiffness of the resistance, added to the depredations of pestilence and heatstroke, had won for Western Christians their first great victory over the Turk. La Valette’s final address to his men has come down to us:

A formidable army composed of audacious barbarians is descending on this island. These persons, my brothers, are the enemies of Jesus Christ. Today it is a question of the defense of our faith — as to whether the Gospels are to be superseded by the Koran. God on this occasion demands of us our lives, already vowed to his service. Happy will be those who first consummate this sacrifice.
The date of this victory has for us a certain resonance: it was September 11, 1565.
(I realized after the American 9/11 that this date has some significance for someone behind the attacks. Salvadore Allende in Chile was assassinated on September 11th. He was a poet, a socialist and a favorite of the poor and middle class. He was replaced by a military puppet wired to the CIA, Pinochet, a Christian who tortured and brutalized those who did not agree with him. His reign lasted for over thirty years. (This mode of operation by the CIA was identical to the Phillipines (Marcus), Cuba (Batista), Iran (the Shah), where dictator after dictator was placed who happened to be friendly to American capitalists after oil, and human slavery.

But let's go back to this very interesting link (noted above).

From that day we may date the decline of Turkish power on the Mediterranean. Six years later at Lepanto, a vast Ottoman fleet was decisively beaten by a comparable fleet of the Christian Holy League in one of the largest and bloodiest naval battles ever fought. The Knights were there on that day too. On another September 11, 1683, the Polish King John Sobieski led an army to relieve Vienna from a Turkish siege, in a battle that marks the end of the Turkish advance into Europe. These dates may strike us today as very ancient indeed; the reader may wonder what significance they have to us. The answer is that they form the conclusion to a very long story, a great tale of human drama, mostly forgotten now by a forgetful people a drama that, on yet another September 11th, was renewed here in America. It is the story of the Jihad. [read more] or continue with excerpts below:
On this day, when we remember the act of treachery and malevolence that finally made manifest to us this war, it is foolish to abstract it from its historical context. It is foolish to remember New York, September 11, 2001, and never once think about Vienna, September 11, 1683, or Malta, September 11, 1565; or even Constantinople, May 29, 1453 or Tours, October 7, 732. We might as well talk obsessively about Normandy and say nothing of Pearl Harbor or the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. We might as well fix our attention on Gettysburg and cultivate perfect innocence of Ft. Sumter or First Manassas. No, we must show more imagination than that. We must bring ourselves around to see that there are older and more implacable things on this earth than what our predilections tell us, and that the Jihad is one of the oldest and most implacable.
Paul J. Cella is a freelance writer and Editor at He is working on a book about Jihad.
When one views the world through the prism of Paul's writing and adds the dates the CIA has chosen to impose military dictators on other countries, like Chile, the dates become even more relevant.

What is most interesting to me is how little the current Knights of Malta represent the original Knights, who took a vow of poverty and a mantle to help the sick. This murdering lot seem more like the KKK.


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