Thursday, December 28, 2006

Grand Theft Truth

Among the many explosive revelations in Grand Theft Pentagon is a first--hand account from an emissary to Afghanistan of how the Bush administration refused an offer by the Taliban to turn over Osama Bin Laden and his top leadership. They wanted total war instead. First on Afghanistan, then Iraq. In shocking detail, St. Clair unveils how the Bush administration hired a team of marketing and PR executives to sell their fraudulent war claims to a panic--striken public, a complicit congress engorged with arms PAC money and a gullible national press corps. Here you will find scathing portraits of the enablers of this corrupt system---- from George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, to Senators Ted Stevens and the pseudo--maverick John McCain---- and the war profiteers themselves, from DynCorp (also cited in slave sex trade) and Lockheed (torture contractor) to the devious machinations of the RAND Corp and Magnequench, the missile company that outsourced its work to China.

Grand Theft PentagonTales of Corruption and Profiteering in the War on Terror
Common Courage Press November 2005360 Pages / $19.95 CLICK HERE TO ORDER.
The unelected Grover Norquist nearly has his wish thanks to HAARP and the permanent displacement of over 220,000 human beings in New Orleans. Katrina, the expected, projected hurricane that broke through levees, while the repair money for which had been deliberately and criminally rerouted to Iraq. Like 9/11, Bush KNEW this would happen, and did nothing. Worse, he deliberately rerouted funding for the levees in advance of the storm, knowing the hurricane was predicted. ANYWHERE where there is law, that behavior is criminally negligent.

I fully expect this to be the floral display at the border between Canada and the USA if Stephen Harper is allowed to remain in office. Heck our census is contracted to Lockheed a known torture contractor, and our Canada Pension plan is vested in US military stock.

These are the cretins who would rule us, who stood down for 9/11 and lie, lie lie..

An illegal immoral war and they are debating over whether or not to send more troops. Pardon me...did I say "debating"....Hell man, one cretin who has been wrong about everything in the past six years since being placed in office, is making the decision.

Can anyone tell me what Americans are defending in Iraq? You cannot give away abroad what you do not have at home.


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