Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hold Precious Accountable - Quit Killing Frodo

In April 1989, John Kerry’s Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Terror-ism, Narcotics and International Operations released an exhaustive report that concluded that the Contras were involved in drug trafficking and that Reagan administration officials were aware of that involvement.
In an April 14, 1989, Washington Post article, Isikoff trivialized the report’s findings and asserted that claims of drug trafficking by high-level Contras “could not be substantiated.” Subsequently, Newsweek’s “Conventional Wisdom Watch” dubbed Kerry “a randy conspiracy buff.”

Time in a bottle - an era where the stench greats you before anything else.

Where most report and receive lifetime jobs (they likely call annuities) in payment for their service.

John Kerry, the man who uncovered Iran-Contra
The Democratic nominee has a long record of fearlessly exposing abuses of power -- including launching the investigation that unraveled the worst scandal since Watergate.
By Sidney Blumenthal
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July 22, 2004 John Kerry's political education is far deeper than that of senators who have merely legislated. He has journeyed to the heart of darkness any number of times and emerged to tell the tale. It is not simply that the commander of the Swift Boats unit with which Kerry served in Vietnam was the model of the bloodthirsty, bombastic colonel in "Apocalypse Now." Kerry's combat experience hardly ended in the Mekong, but moved into the dangerous realm of high politics.

...(perhaps Kerry can prosecute this group of thugs and dead enders who have seen fit to rig two elections. )
In his first month as a senator, in January 1985, Kerry discovered the thread that would unravel the Iran-Contra scandal -- the creation of an illegal, clandestine foreign policy apparatus run out of the National Security Council by President Reagan's military aide, Oliver North, and directed ultimately by CIA director William Casey. Kerry had the training and instincts of a prosecutor and was informed by his Vietnam experience. As the first district attorney of Middlesex County (Boston) in Massachusetts, he had smashed the local Mafia. "A central part of my campaign had been the notion that I would bring to the Senate the experience of the Vietnam period, which cautioned me against the kind of illegal activities we were hearing about, and the things that were going on," Kerry explained later. "Literally, I did do an ad hoc investigation."

...Hmmm...what a novel concept - holding the lying, cheating stealing sons of treason accountable. (Before God and all humanity).


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