Friday, October 20, 2006

9/11 - Time to Hold Treason Accountable

A sampling of the multitude of research available for analysis:

When top Bush administration officials immediately and in unison denied knowing that jetliners could be used to attack American landmarks right after 9/11, a number of alert reporters immediately pointed out that this very subject had been under government study for almost a decade. And when U.S. officials immediately released a list of the alleged hijackers, the lie was immediately visible to those with eyes to see: how could they deny knowing this possibility of a massive jetliner attack existed, yet be able to name the alleged hijackers almost instantly because these individuals had been under surveillance for months?

As astonishing events unfolded after the tragedy - the hasty passage of the Patriot Act (approved by Congress despite virtually no one in Congress reading it before voting for it), which nullified large portions of the U.S. Constitution; constant "terror alerts" about which no evidence was ever produced; the war against Afghanistan which was claimed to be a response to 9/11 yet was planned long before 9/11; and the war against Iraq, which was waged because that nation supposedly threatened America with weapons of mass destruction (which have never and will never be found, unless planted) and had ties to that mystery terror group called al-Qaeda (since proven to be lies) - many more millions of Americans began to understand that the new peril they were in was not from some shadowy worldwide terror group but from unscrupulous demagogues in Washington who would invent any story - and kill any number of people - in order to improve the fortunes of the very military/industrial power brokers who illegally brought them to power in the first place.

This is a travesty of mind-boggling proportions. Like the entire Congress that goosestepped late at night while it knocked over the U.S. Constitution, here we have the complete political spectrum - every single rich man who has declared his intention to run for president -not daring to admit what millions of Americans know beyond doubt in the sincerest depths of their hearts - that 9/11 was conceived, devised, planned and carried out from the offices of power in the United States, principally Washington, but also New York and Langley, Virginia, and quite possibly Tel Aviv.
You have only to look at the psychologically palsied and putrescent behavior of the official 9/11 investigative body, the Kean commission -as well as the insane and demonic actions of every single functionary in the Bush Administration - to know in your heart that it's true.

Many people have asked me, what are the best 9/11 sites? This is a sampling of some of them. Study them. Hone your arguments. Talk to people.;article=45885;title=APFN

(There are many, many more...these are simply a few)

When you read through these and understand their contents, you will understand beyond question that everything you hear from the mouths of presidential candidates, government officials and TV commentators is a lie. That there is so much evidence to convince you that 9/11 was an inside job, that our leading officials are criminals and mass murderers, that you, as a functioning human being on this earth, have no choice but to try to convince your neighbor that something must done if we are not to go quietly into this police state prison that has been prepared for us.

It's not too much to demand honesty and accountability. Insist your favorite presidential candidate tell you about what he knows about 9/11, the insider trading, and Israel's influence. The answers you receive will tell you exactly what kind of candidate you're supporting.


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