Monday, August 01, 2005

Hypocritical US Crime Family Attacks Canada's Pot Seed King

While the hypocrisy of American democracy never quite ceases to amaze me - the war on drugs is perhaps the most warped of all. (Especially if y'all remember the trite "just say no" slogan of Nancy Reagan, while Poppy Bush was then Vice President and the former head of the CIA).

Documentation detailing CIA drug operations from Panama to Afghanistan - from Columbia to Venezuala - is a well known trail (see links at below). The CIA war on drugs in these countries consists of using local propped - up "law enforcement" to attack anyone in competition to the CIA black market. Thus Canada was asked this week to arrest Marc Emery of Emery Seeds, for "money laundering and selling marijuana seeds." As dutiful members of the Orwellian order to the south of us, our police willingly carried out the task. All the while dealers promoting crack, meth, opium, heroin get the same free pass they have achieved under every drug smuggling CIA driven operation from the USA.

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If Marc Emery is guilty of money laundering - then what on earth was the savings and loan scandal about where Neil Bush made a fortune? (Run a search under BCCI, the Saudis, Bush and money laundering)

What of the money laundering involved shorting stock during 9/11?

What of the money laundering and payoffs by the Saudi Royal family to keep quiet that Bush gave 300 Saudis a free pass and flew them from the country (within 48 hours of 911)?

What of the money laundering done by religious extremists of Christian ilk in the USA? Millions pour into "faith based" groups who rigidly support George W. Bush in his campaign.The same group owns the electronic voting machines in America and has shut down any attempt to investigate voter fraud. Can anyone tell me how this group resembles Jesus?

The unaccountable and criminal are making laws, appointing judges and now attacking the rights of people in other countries. I hope Canada has the integrity to stand up to these criminals and demand THEIR accountability in World Court. The USA is clearly incapable of trying the most criminal administration in our time.


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